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ANN RABSON. murió el 30 Enero 2013


La cantante, pianista y guitarrista, Ann Rabson murió el miércoles 30 de enero de 2013, a la edad de 67 años. Ann nació en New York, y comenzó a cantar y tocar Blues, de forma profesional, en 1962.

Formó parte del grupo Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women, grupo de Blues acústico formado por mujeres. Fue nominada, en ocho ocasiones, como Traditional Blues Female Artist del año. Su primer album en solitario Music Makin' Mama, fue nominado como mejor album del año en las categorías de Traditional Blues y Acoustic Blues, y su composición "Elevator Man" fue nominado como canción del año.

Ann Rabson was an American blues vocalist, pianist and guitar player. She was a solo recording artist signed to Alligator Records and was a member of Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women, an acoustic blues band that disbanded amicably in 2009.

Born in New York City in 1945, Rabson had been playing and singing the blues professionally since 1962. She also performed as a solo act and with various other bands. Like her contemporaries Rory Block and Bonnie Raitt, Rabson ranked as an important modern blueswoman who has brought tremendous crossover appeal to the genre.

She had been nominated eight times for a Blues Music Award (formerly W.C. Handy Award) as Traditional Blues Female Artist of the Year. Her first solo album, Music Makin' Mama, was nominated as Album of the Year in both the Traditional Blues and Acoustic Blues categories, and her composition "Elevator Man" was nominated as Song of the Year.

M.C. Records released Rabson's second solo album, Struttin' My Stuff, in September 2000 to critical acclaim.

Rabson died on January 30, 2013, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, after a long battle with cancer. She was 67.

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