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42 años de la pelicula Tommy

Tommy es la adaptación cinematográfica de la ópera rock de The Who homónima, realizada por el director inglés Ken Russell en 1975. Además de la banda integrada por Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Roger Daltrey (que interpreta a Tommy) y Keith Moon, participan en algunos números musicales Tina Turner (La Reina del Ácido), Elton John (Pinball Wizard) y Eric Clapton (El Predicador). También actúan Jack Nicholson, Ann Margret, Oliver Reed y Robert Powell. La cinta fue presentada en el Festival de Cannes de 1975 fuera de competición. Basada íntegramente en la ópera-rock compuesta por Pete Townshend y The Who, es un musical que cuenta la historia de un niño que queda ciego, sordo y mudo como consecuencia del trauma sufrido al contemplar el asesinato accidental de su padre (el cual se supone falleció años atrás) a manos del nuevo marido de su madre. Tommy, que además de los traumas aparentemente psicológicos, es autista, sufrirá una niñez y adolescencia difíciles y llenas de penurias, hasta que debido a sus singulares características se convertirá en estrella mundial del pinball e ídolo de masas, iniciando un culto que será sórdidamente administrado por sus parientes. Ken Rusell tenía ya en mente, guion y todo, hacer un film sobre las falsas religiones, las sectas, etc. Eso unido a su afición a la música clásica, le atrajo mucho la versión orquestada del disco homónimo de los Who, que según Townshend fue descisivo para que se involucrara de lleno en el proyecto, que tras algún paso por alguna major de Hollywood, cuya producción fue a parar a la Robert Stigwood Organization-RSO, fue la verdadera primera ópera rock de la historia del cine (si contar con Hair y El Fantasma del Paraíso, más musicales de Broadway adaptadas al cine) Desde un primer momento siempre se pensó en Roger Daltrey para el papel principal. Lou Reed se pensó como Acid Queen. Rod Stewart iba a interpretar el papel de Elton John, pero éste lo convenció de que no lo hiciera y tomó el papel él mismo. Sin embargo Pete Townshend asegura, en el especial edición 30 aniversario que era Stevie Wonder el que iba hacer de "Local Lad" CHAMP, -el personaje que compite con TOMMY-, pero su representante a última hora se lo desaconsejó. La escena con Jack Nicholson tardó 18 horas en filmarse. Se aprovechó su estancia en el Festival de Cannes aquel mismo año para compatibilizar la ocasión con la agenda ocupada del actor norteamericano y rodar la escena en una habitación. Clapton participó en el film como agradecimiento, ya que Townshend lo había ayudado a curar su adicción a las drogas. El film se estrenó en un innovador sonido primegenio del actual Dolby 5.1. De hecho el documental del 30 aniversario, da entender que Dolby se aprovechó de todos esos avances y perfecionó su propio sistema, sobre la base fallida que fue un denominado sonido "quintasound", y en avance al entonces en boga sonido cuadrafónico.

 Tommy is a 1975 British musical fantasy drama film based upon The Who's 1969 rock opera album Tommy. Directed by Ken Russell, the film featured a star-studded ensemble cast, including the band members themselves (most notably, lead singer Roger Daltrey, who plays the title role), Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Elton John, Arthur Brown, and Jack Nicholson. Ann-Margret received a Golden Globe Award for her performance, and was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Pete Townshend was also nominated for an Oscar for his work in scoring and adapting the music for the film. The film was shown at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival, but was not entered into the main competition. In 1975, the film won the award for Rock Movie of the Year in the First Annual Rock Music Awards. "Prologue 1945". A montage displays the honeymoon of Captain Walker (Robert Powell) and his wife, Nora (Ann-Margret). After his leave ends, Walker goes off to fight in World War II as a bomber pilot, but is shot down in the middle of a battle. "Captain Walker" is listed as missing in action and is presumed dead, although—unknown to his family—the badly burned Walker is in fact alive. Back in England, Nora goes into labor and gives birth to a son, Tommy, on V-E Day. Five years later, Nora has begun a new relationship with Frank (Oliver Reed), a worker she and Tommy meet at "Bernie's Holiday Camp". Tommy looks up to his "Uncle" Frank and expresses his desires to run his own camp some day. In "1951" Nora and Frank dream of their future, but, late that evening, encounter the returning Captain Walker. He surprises Frank and Nora in bed, leading to a struggle and the Captain's subsequent murder by a lamp. Tommy, having followed his father into the room, has witnessed everything. Panicking, Nora and Frank frantically plead with Tommy, insisting that he witnessed nothing and must keep quiet. This, combined with the trauma of his father's sudden and violent death, sends Tommy into a psychedelia-like "Amazing Journey", in which, outwardly, he cannot see, hear or speak. As time passes, Nora and Frank make several fruitless attempts to bring Tommy out of his state, including a Preacher (Eric Clapton) and his Marilyn Monroe worshipping cult, an LSD serving cocotte and self-proclaimed "Acid Queen", (Tina Turner), Tommy's bullying "Cousin Kevin" (Paul Nicholas), and his perverted "Uncle" Ernie (Keith Moon) who both abuse him in their own way but Tommy does not react despite his anguish. Nora and Frank begin to become more and more lethargic and leave Tommy standing at the mirror one night, allowing him to wander off. He follows a vision of himself out of the house and to a pinball machine in a junkyard. Tommy is recognized by Nora, Frank, and the media as a pinball prodigy, which is even more impressive with his catatonic state. During a championship game, Tommy faces the pinball world champion, a "Pinball Wizard" (Elton John) with the Who serving as his backing band. Nora watches her son's victory on television, and celebrates his (and her) success with "Champagne", but soon has a nervous breakdown upon thinking about the real extremes of Tommy's deficiency. Later, Frank finds a Specialist (Jack Nicholson) for Tommy. The Specialist, upon testing the boy, concludes that his state is emotionally, rather than physically triggered and the only hope is for him to continue to "Go to the Mirror". During the tests, Nora and the Specialist flirt, much to Frank's jealousy. Nora more and more frustrated with Tommy's state, eventually being prompted to "Smash the Mirror" by throwing him through it. This incidentally resurges Tommy from his state and he runs around, proclaiming "I'm Free". Eventually, "Mother and Son" reunite when Nora finds Tommy and explains what has happened during the time he has missed, while Tommy reveals that his experiences have transformed him and that he wishes to transform the world. As news of Tommy's "Miracle Cure" spreads, Tommy spreads a message of enlightenment about the world, disrupting violence and making friends, and followers, everywhere he goes. He becomes a self-proclaimed "Sensation", deciding to go on a lecturing tour. Tommy-fever is so ecstatic that fans such as "Sally Simpson" get injured in attempts to simply touch him. Tommy, along with a more enlightened and elated Nora and Frank, "Welcome" converts to their house, which quickly becomes too crowded to accommodate everyone. Tommy opens an extension for his religious compound, calling it "Tommy's Holiday Camp". The converts express their disdain for the commercialism of the compound and demand Tommy teach them something more useful. When he does so by actually deafening, muting, and blinding everyone, Tommy is criticized further, leading to his followers to riot and destroying the camp in a fire, killing Nora and Frank in the process. Tommy finds his parents in the debris and mourns, escaping the burning camp and fleeing into the mountains, where he ascends the same peak where his parents celebrated their honeymoon, celebrating the rising sun. Listening to You..

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